Moving a bed

Student moving bedIs it that you are considering removals from Bristol to a new place or a new home? If the answer to this question is a yes, then one of the most challenging tasks in this regards is to bear the chore of moving your furniture and big appliances. The bed set as well as the mattress, for instance, requires too much of the work.

There are some vital aspects that you need to take into account while you are considering moving your bed or mattress with ease. Before you are to move the bed, you have to ensure that you check for all prior damages first. In this way, you will be aware if the damages have been there before or right after moving the bed. Moreover, clean your mattress. Purchasing a mattress cover can be a great idea, as it will prevent your mattress from catching any infections by the dust mites or bed bugs while it is on the move.

Bed size

First and foremost, you must measure your bed and mattress, which will help you figure out how it will be fitting into the stairways and the doorways. When looking for Bath van hire services, ensure that moving van can easily accommodate your bed set. For this purpose, you must organize on how you can base move your bed into the van. It is recommended that you plan it all out the route of your bed set.

When you get started with this moving project, it is imperative to start with the smaller items first. In this manner, you will be able to get all the small items of appliances and furniture out of the way to make enough room for the bigger items. Remove all the cabinets as well as drawers from your room so that you can have more room for moving your bed.

Adequate manpower

ManpowerIf you find it tough to do it all on your own, you can call out for additional reinforcement. If you have friendly neighbours, you can ask them for help. You can even ask your friends to help you move your bed to the van. Your bed, especially the kind or queen sized ones are extremely heavy. In case you have a high-density foam bed such as latex foam or memory foam, it may need you to ask assistance of 5 or more people to lift and move easily. You need to keep this in mind that high-density beds tend to be heavier compared to the average mattresses. In some cases it is better to dismantle your bed, so it can be easy carried and loaded. If cannot do it on your own, you should find local Bath removals firm that offer dismantling services.

Lifting and carrying a bed

Avoid injuries when moving bedArrange the appropriate position of the people who are carrying your bed. Give them a briefing on how best to move the mattress and transfer it safely into the van. Teach them on how to flip or how to turn the bed over if you come across any roadblocks.

Make sure you are aware of the right way of lifting your bed. Do not lift your bed with your hips or back. Bend knees appropriately and then use it to lift up. If you do not follow the right way, you will end up hurting your back.

Carefully place your bed in the moving van. Ensure you opt for a clean van. There should not be any dirt or dust on the floor. Moreover, it is vital that you keep the windows closed which will help to prevent the dust from flying in. In addition, using a platform is a great option too, as it will help you pace your mattress on the top of it.