Last minute removals

Man before movingMoving is always a serious undertaking. It is very nice when you have at least eight weeks for planning removals, packing and checking. But what if life didn’t get in a way you’ve planned and you have only little time left before your moving? Fortunately, most of the moves are not that catastrophic. So how to organize a quick move without calling it a disaster? If you follow below hints your last minute moving can be easy. Stay calm and organized and you will even save some time for yourself and your family or partner to enjoy life together and reduce the stress of moving.

Last minute moving reasons

Maybe you or your partner have been offered the job of your dreams or someone of you has lost a job and you need to move to more affordable place, maybe you are getting divorced and now search for a place to live alone, maybe you have problems with bugs, damp or neighbors at your current place.  The worst scenario is when you are forced to move very quickly because of an ecological catastrophe, such as a flood, a hurricane or an earthquake. Then you have no time for making to-do lists or packing but grab the essentials and leave your home.

Short notice moving services

First of all, call few Clevedon removals firms and ensure they are available on your moving day. Try to negotiate with at least two moving companies in case something goes wrong. In the case of last minute removals is more likely that you Clevedon man and van firms will be more available but it also depends on the types of move. Don’t forget about small details like changing your address for correspondence and subscriptions. It is not so urgent but you should note it somewhere on your list along with necessary addresses and numbers. Short notice moving is usually associated with some rush, but don't forget to ask your moving team if they provide full insurance of house contents.

Last minute packing

Woman packing boxesLast-minute moves are a good occasion to get rid of unnecessary stuff without regret. The more stuff you get rid of – the less time and energy you will spend on packing and unpacking. Don’t think that it is easier to pack everything you own and sort later. That’s wrong. It also significantly reduces costs of your moving, especially if you are sending your stuff overseas using air freight services, when Clevedon shipping firms calculate price on the basis of the total weight of your items. To achieve packing with minimal effort you should check packing tips and ask your family and friends for help. You can also hire professional packers to save you a lot of headaches. Although, professional packers can cost you a lot. So call around and search for a pleasant price. 


Separate all stuff in each room into three groups: 1. To keep; 2. To donate; 3. To toss. If you haven’t use or wear something for a long time don’t be afraid to toss it. There are special companies in Bristol area which can pick up and get rid of junk instead of you.

However, don’t toss everything. Maybe there are some items which you can donate to charities? If you don’t need your old furniture or clothes anymore it doesn’t mean nobody else needs it. Donating to charities is not only a good occasion to get rid of unwanted stuff but to help someone in need.

Another option is to organize a garage sale. It will help you to get rid of old stuff, earn some money and spent a nice day away from stress.

Organize packing supplies

Cardboard boxes kitAnother step is to borrow or buy packing supplies, such as boxes, plastic bins or packing tape. Most of Bristol moving companies may supply you with the essentials. Remember, that some items, such as electronic appliances should be packed very carefully.  

You can also use unconventional packing methods, such as using laundry baskets and buckets for your belongings. Moreover, large plant pots, diaper pails or trash cans can be useful to carry lots of small things. Place towels, blankets and other soft things between the most breakable ones, such as pans, cups, bowls or vases. Remove the drawers from the dressers and tuck any sort of things into them. You can place some breakable items between your clothes to protect them while transporting.