How to move easily

Enjoy your moveMoving to a new house many compares to the disaster. It was then it turns out that we gathered a lot of things whose existence had long forgotten and the things that that we need, suddenly gone somewhere. In addition, it appears that some of the equipment is damaged. To all those who in the near future planning removals, we would like to suggest how to do this in almost painless way and enjoy living in Bristol.

So how do we proceed to your Bath removals was not a nightmare?

Depending on the size of the move, you have to be prepared from a few days up to a few weeks earlier. In a friendly shop to ask for boxes of various sizes. Such cartons can also be purchased from Clevedon removal companies, on the internet or from suppliers of packaging materials. You must also stock up on large bags of thicker foil, small bags, tape to seal boxes, rope to tie bags, thick marker pen and a pile of old newspapers.

Preparing for moving

First, like a trivial thing, but before the move should launder clothing, underwear, bedding, etc.. It is best to pack only clean stuff because unpacking it, you can immediately place them in cabinets. Very carefully think about how you want to furnish your new home, so you can immediately set the furniture in the right places.

Ideally if your moving date falls on a weekend - then you do not have to take vacation for the duration of the move. The weekend is usually easier to arrange help from a third party - family or friends. Also, be sure to tell your neighbours about the planned move and any related difficulties. You should also secure a suitable place to park the truck as close to your home so Bristol man and van team can load your stuff easily and quickly.

How to move and pack

Packing paintingsWhen preparing furniture for transportation, you should empty and remove the drawers and shelves. It is recommended not to disassemble the furniture of normal dimensions but any oversized furniture such as a king size bed or three-door wardrobe is worth to dismantle to avoid unnecessary problems with them while moving through narrow corridors and doors. It is worth remembering to insert the screws into the bag and attach the bag to furniture using strong tape.

Electronic equipment should be shipped in original boxes with polystyrene foam protection. If you do not have the original boxes, pack electronics in the boxes, which are a little larger than hardware, and fill the remaining space with towels, cloths, etc. so that your equipment could not move in the box.

Books are heavy and, therefore, pack them into small boxes. Arrange them flat against each other by choosing them together by the same size.

Larger clothing (coats, overcoats, jackets) put in large bags, but do not pack too many clothes into one bag so that they are not crushed. Smaller clothes (sweaters, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts) put into boxes. Other clothing (underwear, socks, tights, gloves) put into small plastic bags, tie them and then pack them in boxes prepared to move.

Items made of glass, porcelain and others that may break should be wrapped in packing paper, bubble wrap or old newspaper and place in boxes. The free space between the objects should be filled with newspapers, towels or cloths, so that during transport items not banging with each other.

On the side of the boxes write what's inside (it greatly facilitates the process of unpacking). Each seal the box using a wide tape, paying particular attention to the bottom of the box that did not fall off when you move it. When setting the boxes, remember that at the bottom should be the heavier or containing things that under the weight will not be destroyed, and the top boxes lighter and more delicate. To a new home you should first bring furniture and appliances, setting them on the right places, then boxes, and finally the electronic equipment. There are no universal packing tips, you should always adjust them to your personal requirements. 

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