Basic house moving tips

How to move?If you decided to move from one place to another, the future promises to be good and you are optimistic, however you may be full of anxiety about your relocation. It is natural that you are a bit confused because it is your first time and you have no idea how to organize removals so that everything went your way.

Where to start planning your removals?

Which aspects of this task you should pay extra attention at to avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary costs? Read our short removals guide!

A month earlier, notify all persons, agencies and institutions that may be interested in your new address. Review your house belongings, like clothes, paintings, books and other personal items. Decide which one you want to take with you, and that you can leave. Solve agreements with media providers such as Internet, telephone, cable TV. At least week earlier notify a magazine subscription of change of address. Make sure that you will have an instant access to the most important personal documents such as insurance, medical records, insurance policies, etc.

pack yourselfConsider is it better to undertake all securing and protecting tasks on your own or find a removal company that offer comprehensive services and will do all packing professionally to ensure the safety of your belongings during the transportation. Please note that furniture and many other stuff are particularly valuable for you and it is good to have the assurance that when they survive relocation in undamaged condition. House belongings require special packaging and packing materials to guarantee safe transportation from collection address to destination location.

Be present during the move to at any time to be able to answer any questions and monitor your house removals.

Small or big removal company

A small companies and man and van firms can definitely offer lower prices and similar services according to your requirements but sometimes there are other factors such as insurance protection, removals duration, availability that could determine which solution is better for you. Large  removal companies typically offers full protection on each stage of your move:

  • at the time of packing, collecting and loading your belongings,
  • during the transit,
  • during the unloading,

Two man and vanYou should be also aware that sometimes smaller companies give you only estimated price, without doing pre move survey to identify any extra moving services or needs you may require which is the only option to determine exact requirements and allows you to get accurate costs and fixed price. For your safety you should always ask for fixed price which should be stated in the contract, what should prevent you from bad practices when movers try to raise total costs during the relocation, in a situation where you are with no way out and dream about completing task as soon as possible. 

If you are looking for shiping overseas companies you should as if international removal company offer door-to-door delivery or only port to port shipping.

It is also important to use appropriate packing materials. Large companies have an extensive range of boxes for various purposes and other stuff to secure your house belongings against damage.


A signed written agreement between you and the contractor give you a better chance of obtaining compensation or money refund in case of breach of contract or any damages incurred during removals. Carefully read and sign a contract before the start of the move. Feel free to ask if something is unclear and confusing.