Sport activities in Bristol

Best football playerIf you are an active person for whom a daily activity is a must, while sitting on a couch is the last thing you would think of, Bristol will definitely be to your liking when it comes to versatile opportunities to keep you busy. There is plenty of people everywhere around the town jogging, cycling, heading the gyms or dance studios, fitness clubs, bowling centres and many others. If you are still not convinced that all the aforementioned activities are for you, you can try and find a more sedate outskirts to take a round of golf, or wander a bit. Fans of water sports also will not be disappointed as you can see usually some people boating in the area of the harbor. Moreover, if you are not that active person, but like watching matches on the TV, or especially live; if you are completely against home decor trends and all the walls in your room are covered with posters of sports teams, here you can find some sports clubs and teams that will definitely enjoy having one more ardent fan of theirs.

Sports clubs and teams in Bristol

Bristol is a versatile city when it comes to sports. Namely, it has teams that represent it in all the major sports competitions in the major national sports in the country. When it comes to football, you will enjoy games from the Bristol City Football Club and the Bristol Rovers FC. The Bristol Rugby Club takes care of the Rugby Union while the Gloucestershire county cricket club takes care of cricket. All of them are based in the city of Bristol and they represent the city in tournaments.
The two teams play in the football league, while the Bristol city FC has also participated in the precursor to the premier league. However, it does not end here. The two are not the only football clubs located in this great city. There are many non league clubs here and they include the Bristol Manor Farm FC, the Bristlington and the Mangotsfield United FC.

Bristol City
The Bristol city FC has actually been successful to an extent.  This club which was formed in 1897 was runners up in the division one in 1907, and they also played in the finals of the FA cup in 1909 where they lost. However, they had a very bad spell in 1976 which saw them relegated to the bottom tier of professional football in England. However, they reformed and came back in 1982 and gained promotion to the second tier in 2007, only to lose the playoff that would have seen them promoted to the premier league to Hull City in 2007.

Bristol Rovers
The Bristol Rovers Fc came into existence before the Bristol City Fc. It is the oldest professional football club in the city, and was formed as far Rugby team memberback as 1883. They have been champions of the third tier division on two occasions and they have also won the Watney cup twice in 1972 and 2007 seasons. Another trophy in their cabinet is the Johnstones paint trophy. But they have regret, and that is the fact that they have never played in the top division of English football. Recently, it signed an agreement to expand and build a 21, 700 capacity stadium at the Frenchays campus of the University Of West Of England. The plan was to sell the memorial stadium site and use the proceeds to finance the new one. But a setback in the sale put the project in jeopardy. They also have the Bristol academy for women which operate the Bristol academy women’s football club.

In terms of rugby, the Bristol rugby team has been there since 1883. At the inception, it was named the Bristol Football Club and came into being through the coming together of Carlton club and Redland Park. But another club named Westbury Park was supposed to join them, but they objected and most of their players instead opted to join Bristol. This club shared the Memorial Stadium with the Bristol Rovers FC till 1996. It has participated in the highest level of rugby competitions since it was formed. The original owners of the stadium were the rugby team, but the ownership was transferred to the football club when the rugby team experienced a financial decline. However, they moved to a new place in Ashton Gate stadium in 2014. The Bristol combination oversees about 53 clubs, and they promote the sports in the city with some other smaller clubs like Cleve, Cliftonrugby and Dings Crusaders.

Basketball, cricket, athletics and cycling
Cycling is funThe city is represented in high class basketball competitions by the Bristol Flyers Basketball Team. They have competed in the British Basketball League which is the highest in the UK since 2014. There is also the Bristol Aztecs, and they play in the BAFA national league which is the Britain premier American football competition. The Bristol Pitbulls came back with ice hockey in 2009 and they play at the Bristol ice rink at the beginning, only to share a venue with Oxford City Stars after its closure. The city also organizes a half marathon on annual basis. They also hosted the half marathon championships in 2001. There are some athletic clubs in the city including Bottom Road Runners, Bristol and West AC and Westbury Harriers. There is also the tour of Britain Cycle Race with its starts and finishes staged in Bristol.  The city also hosts the hot balloon fiesta. It provided training camps for London Olympics in 2012.

The Gloucestershire cricket club is the biggest in Bristol and its major games are played at the Bristol county ground. This is the most successful club in Bristol as formed by the family of W. G. Grace. This club won about 9 trophies between 1999 and 2006, including a “double double” in 1999 and 2000. There are many other sports activities that go on in the city on unofficial level too.

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